Headquartered in the Southern California, The Raymond Group stands amongst the very best in the wall and ceiling industry. For over 80 years Raymond Group has left their indelible mark on some of the most prestigious west coast buildings and venues in education, entertainment, sports, healthcare and commerce.

From concept to execution they are a company built on passion, for their clients, for their work, and for their people. It was an honor to work for a company that we share so many core values with. Watch our video below!

A customized roofing solution from the start.

The Raymond Group building presented several design challenges to overcome. Their headquarters is located in a converted apple processing facility which had a metal roof and no roof insulation.

When the facility was repurposed for office space over 30 years ago, the lack of insulation and the metal roof allowed an abundance of heat to enter the building when hot outside and let warm air escape in the colder months. 

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This virtual open “barn door” situation made achieving consistent interior space conditioning almost impossible; daily overheating and over cooling caused  HVAC efficiencies and expensive utility bills to be the norm.  Also of design concern were the various different roofing sections on the building; from flat roof sections hidden from view to the steep slope standing seam metal roof areas that make up a majority of the first floor and are highly visible from the street and yard. 

Highland Commercial Roofing was selected by Raymond’s management team for this job not only because of their extensive experience, but because of the holistic consultative approach Highland begins every project with; the resulting care and time that is put into the initial discovery and assessment of existing conditions related to re-roofing projects prior to making recommendations for potential solutions incorporates much more than just a simple roof replacement.  

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Highland considers it’s roofing projects not only from a waterproofing standpoint, but also from an energy management perspective which, in this case, ultimately improved employee comfort within the building, increased HVAC system efficiencies resulting in noticeably lower utility costs for Raymond for years to come, and provided an attractive yet functional waterproofing system to keep the elements on the outside of the building.  

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Highland’s seamless commercial structural polyurethane insulating foam “Cool-Roof” system was the perfect solution for a long-lasting guaranteed not to leak roof on this project. Some highlights of this system include: the addition of R-10 insulation value to the entire roof area, an aesthetically pleasing “platinum gray” UV reflective acrylic surfacing that exceeds current Title-24 requirements, and the installation of custom Low-E duel glazed  Pyramid Skylights with an integrated safety rail system that increases natural light within the building without increasing interior temperatures.