Highland Commercial Roofing is pleased to announce the successful completion of its reroofing project on the Bayside Village apartment complex located in San Francisco’s trendy South Beach neighborhood. The expansive, high-end complex is comprised of nine buildings presenting a total of more than 177,500 square feet of roof area. Highland Commercial Roofing installed a RainShield Seamless Single Ply Roofing System on this project with a 20 year Guarantee not to leak.


Featured Project

Bayside Village Apartment Complex, On the Embarcadero at Brannan, Three Bayside Village Place, San Francisco, CA 94107

Conditions and Challenges

At 20 years old, the buildings’ built-up asphalt gravel roof system was nearing the end of its service life; the roof surface had begun to alligator and crack, causing leaks into tenant areas. With the buildings at more than 90 per-cent occupancy, the project required careful attention to minimize any interference with tenants’ use and enjoyment of the property. Tight parking at the waterfront location, four to five story building heights and multiple roof decks added further complexity.


The project was completed on-time and on-budget, with no complaints from tenants and rave reviews from the project manager and complex management team. The seamless RainShield membrane sealed the entire roof area eliminating all leaks into the building and provided a highly-reflective, Title-24 compliant, white roof surface, which is expected to positively impact the utility usage and operation expense of the buildings.

Client Comments

“Whenever you have a roof system nearing the end of its service life,” says project manager and roof consultant Jack Ritter, “there comes a point where the maintenance staff can’t keep up with the leaks and the cost of repairing each leak goes through the roof.” Ritter is very pleased with the new seamless RainShield system, because it immediately eliminated that load and tenants were noticeably happier with the updated condition of the buildings. “While I’m somewhat skeptical of the whole green trend,” he continued, “it does make sense to help reduce energy usage with this kind of roof system as well, and it makes the tenants even more proud of where they live.” Ritter says he found the Highland crew very responsive, very communicative and very sensitive to tenant concerns, and is very pleased with the outcome.


All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their useful service life, and when they do, the effort, expense and hassle of continuing maintenance far exceeds the cost of roof replacement. Roof replacement can also be expensive. Fortunately

RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems provide building owners a cost effective roofing alternative with over 65 years of proven success in the field. RainShield Systems can cost roughly half that of a BUR or PVC roof replacement and are available with a guarantee not to leak Full System up to 25 years. For more information on this project, or RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems, contact Highland Commercial Roofing at 866-880-5252.