Highland Commercial Roofing is pleased to announce the completion of the re-roofing project at the Phoenix NAP flagship Data Center Colocation headquarters building located at 3402 East University Drive, near the Maricopa Freeway and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Phoenix NAP is a global IT services provider, offering cloud, colocation and other scalable IT solutions to support clients worldwide.


Project type Conditions & Challenges

The 103,000 square foot data center structure sets the bar for high-density and security in a controlled and concurrently maintained environment for private and multi-client infrastructures. Critically, the older existing built up capsheet roofing had reached the end of its useful life cycle having developed extensive sources of leaks, gouges in the membrane, ridging in several areas and loss of UV protective granules throughout the roof surface. The staging area was particularly challenging as it was shared with building owner, Brimley Development, contractors who were completing concurrent tenant improvements and equipment had to be staged and dismantled daily due to stringent security requirements. Complicating matters still further, there could be no impact on tenant activity.


Brimley Development and Phoenix NAP chose the RainShield® Seamless Commercial Roofing System for this project because it was a cost effective, durable, long lasting, highly UV-reflective roof membrane that could be applied directly over the old roof surface. The overlapping layers of polyester reinforcement and waterproofing grade asphalt produce the RainShield® system and form a strong, seamless, waterproof system that eliminates the possibility of seam leaks, which are commonly found in built-up or TPO roofing systems that are assembled with miles of seams. The reflective white surface, of the RainShield® membrane produces a “Cool Roof” surface that shields against UV damage to the membrane and reduces heat load on the building for lower cooling costs.


The application of the RainShield® system often produces dramatic results and this project was no exception. While it was completed on time, on budget, and with no disruption of tenant activities, or violation of strict security protocols, the greatest result of the project was the immediate elimination of previous roof leaks and building envelope penetrations that had plagued the facility in the past. The owner and new tenant were thrilled to see the change in the dependable utility of the structure and the added benefit of lower operating costs, thanks to the signature cool roof surface of the RainShield® system.


All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their useful service life, and when they do the effort, expense, and hassle of continued maintenance can far exceed the cost of roof replacement. Roof replacement can also be expensive, but RainShield® Seamless Commercial Roofing Systems provide building owners with a cost-effective, durable, long-term alternatives. With over 70 years of proven success, RainShield® Commercial Roofing Systems can cost less than half that of a Built-Up, TPO or PVC roofing system replacement and RainShield® Systems are available with Unconditional Guarantees covering both materials and labor for up to 30 years. For more information on this project or RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems, contact Highland Commercial Roofing at 1-800-920-3659.