Project Type

The foundation has been housed in this facility for several decades, which meant that the all-metal structure had been exposed to Phoenix’s substantial daily temperature swings averaging over thirty degrees per day, causing substantial expansion and contraction of the metal joints and seams in the roof on this building. In addition, the metal roofing system has been regularly exposed to 100-plus degree heat much of the year and years of pounding monsoon rain and hail storms. As a result, there were many roof leaks, putting the priceless artifacts within the building at risk

Conditions and Challenges

The Hall of Flame’s entirely metal roof had extensive surface rust along the West edge, and leakage at the vertical and horizontal seams and around the mechanical equipment Skylights were also leaking and the gutter system was failing. Re-roofing work had to be conducted during business hours, so the project required keeping all work activities confined and out of the way of the foundation’s day to day operations.


The property management company chose Highland Commercial Roofing to perform an extensive restoration of the roof and gutter systems, and to replace the skylights. Highland installed a RainShield® Commercial Roofing System specifically designed for restoration of metal roofing systems to permanently seal the extensive leakage found at compromised metal seams, seal around the skylights, and seal the mechanical systems where they tie into the roofing system. Special consideration was given to the on-going operation of the facility and by staging all activity in the Southeast corner of the property interference with the steady stream of museum guests was completely avoided.
The operation was completed on time and on budget, with no issues, or interruption to museum guests.


“I’ve used Highland Commercial Roofing for a number of commercial roofing projects in the past and have been very pleased with their performance ,” reports Hall of Flame General Manager Peter Molloy, “they understood the situation, did a good job, didn’t make a mess, all while we had visitors streaming in and out of the facility.” Molloy was particularly happy with the attention paid by Highland management to detail throughout the job. “Greg Pender (Highland’s Regional Vice President) was out nearly every day checking to make sure everything was on track,” he reports, “That’s really important to us.” The facility is now guaranteed to not leak for the next ten years, thanks to the RainShield® System’s permanent seal against any and all potential leak sources.