Highland Commercial Roofing is pleased to announce the completion of the Westech Business Center I re-roof project in Phoenix, AZ. The 143,000 square foot, multi-tenant business park is located on a prime 10-acre site immediately adjacent to Sky Harbor Airport and Arizona State University, at the confulence of the I-10, Loop 202 and SR143/SR153 freeways.

Project Type

The project involved not only the re-roofing of all five sing;e-story buildings in the complex, but substantial upgrading of the rooftop fitments and equipment. All plastic drains were replaced with longer-lasting iron drains, abandoned equipment was removed. Addtionally, all self-flashing skylights were replaced with new curb-mounted tri-arch skylights.

Conditions and Challenges

The business complex is an older, well-maintained property that had simply reached the point in its lifecycle where its rooftop systems required an extensive overhaul. The odd bits of old or abandoned equipment, worn plastic drains fitments and miles of seams in the in the BUR roof surface combined to produce thousands of possible leak sources. As with any occupied structure, the work needed to be completed with minimal impact on tenants’ activities, necessitating a quick turn-around and an ironclad guarantee of the workmanship and newlyinstalled systems. And above all, the possibility of any moisture penetration through the roofing system had to be fully eliminated.


Property manager LBA Realty contacted Highland Commercial Roofing to perform the work and install the company’s proprietary Rain- Shield® system. They knew the RainShield system is well-known as a highly cost-effective system that completely eliminates the possibility of leaks by sealing off all seams, with the additional benefit of presenting a white, cool roof surface to the elements that reflects sunlight and insulates the structure below from excessive heat loads. The system installed was the RainShield 85 mil seamless single-ply system with a 15-year gunconditional guarantee. Because the system is applied directly over the prepared surface of the old roof, eliminating the need for tear-off, the job was completed within the required two-week window.


The project was completed on-time, on-budget and with no issues. LBA Realty is a repeat client for the RainShield system, so they already knew what to expect and were more than pleased with the outcome.


All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their useful service life and when they do, the effort, expense and hassle of continued maintenance can far exceed the cost of roof replacement. Roof replacement can also be expensive, but the ainShield® Seamless Roofing Systems provide building owners a cost-effective long-term alternative. With over 70 years of proven success, RainShield Roofing Systems can cost less than half that of a BUR, TPO or PVC replacement and are available with an Unconditional Guarantee not to leak for up to 30 years. For more information on this project or RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems, contact Highland Commercial Roofing at 1-800-920-3659.