Highland Commercial Roofing is pleased to announce the completion of the re-roof project for the Papago Spectrum office complex in Tempe, AZ. The high profile 4-storey, 44,400 square foot Class-A office building houses multiple blue-chip tenants and sits in the geographic center of the Phoenix metropolitan market.


Project Type

The structure was capped with an older, built-up roof (BUR) surface, which had developed several leaks over the years. The project required extensive preparation prior to the application of the new RainShield® Seamless Commercial Roofing System.

Conditions and Challenges

The existing rock roof had standing water and multiple leak sources, which presented potentially serious safety and health hazards to the hospital’s operation, including the possibility of running afoul of government regulations. The roof had to be replaced, but the work had to be performed quickly, it had to eliminate current ponding conditions, and there could be no interference with the hospital’s day to day activities. The capital improvement budget was limited and the hospital board required that any improvements to the building had to add a


With leaks already penetrating the envelope and thousands of feet of seams ready to spring new leaks, the project required a new, seamless roofing system that was economical and carried an iron-clad guarantee not to leak. Property management for the building selected Highland Commercial Roofing and RainShield® Commercial Roofing Systems due to cost considerations and the 15-year guaranteed period of performance without leaks. Since RainShield is applied directly over the smoothed surface of the old roof, no tear-off was required and the job was completed in ten days. The owner also liked the fact that the RainShield system doubles as a cool roof, providing superior thermal reflectivity and insulation values.


“We chose Highland and the RainShield Roofing System because they’ve both been in the market for a long while and we have heard nothing but positive things about them,” says Hines Property Manager John Orsak. “They did a great job, we’re very satisfied, especially because the building was occupied and there were no interruptions or complaints from tenants,” he said, adding, “This was the right solution for the issue we had. It really went well.” As an added bonus, the white reflective surface and insulation value of the RainShield system qualifies as a “cool roof,” providing potential tax benefits and a more energy-efficient building.


All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their useful service life and when they do, the effort, expense and hassle of continued maintenance can far exceed the cost of roof replacement. Roof replacement can also be expensive, but the RainShield® Seamless Roofing Systems provide building owners a cost-effective long-term alternative. With over 70 years of proven success, RainShield Roofing Systems can cost less than half that of a BUR, TPO or PVC replacement and are available with an Unconditional Guarantee not to leak for up to 30 years. For more information on this project or RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems, contact Highland Commercial Roofing at 1-800-920-3659.