Highland Commercial Roofing is pleased to announce the completion of the spray urethane foam (SPF) resurfacing of the Western Medical Center complex, producing a seamless Title 24 compliant cool-roof surface over the existing roof structure, backed with a 20 year guarantee.

Project type

Re-roof an existing gravel surface built-up roof to add another 20 years of service life without disturbing on going hospital operations.

Conditions and Challenges

The Western Medical Center is a busy medical center with a round-the-clock schedule of critical medical procedures underway at all times.The existing rock roof had standing water and multiple leak sources, which presented potentially serious safety and health hazards to the hospital’s operation, including the possibility of running afoul of government regulations. The roof had to be replaced, but the work had to be performed quickly, it had to eliminate current ponding conditions, and there could be no interference with the hospital’s day to day activities. The capital improvement budget was limited and the hospital board required that any improvements to the building had to add a minimum of 20 years to the existing roof’s service life.


After careful consideration, Western Medical Center teamed with Highland Commercial Roofing to value-engineer and install their new roofing system. In lieu of a full tear off of the existing roofing system, which would have been noisy, dusty, and disruptive to the on-going medical services below, Highland suggested removing the rock from the existing roof and installing a Spray Polyurethane Foam insulated roofing system (SPF). The SPF roof would provide a white seamless surface that is Title 24 compliant and qualifies as a “cool roof” for utility purposes. During application low areas could easily be built up to minimize ponding conditions and the job could be completed without disruption to the hospital staff or patients. In addition SPF roofing is the most efficient form of roof insulation and as such, the system installed added an R-10 insulation value to the buildings overall roof insulation. This resulted in a lower demand for HVAC and heating, providing Western Medical with an energy savings that will provide pay back over the lifetime of the roofing System. Above all else, the new SPF roofing system came with a 20 year system guarantee, meeting all of Western Medical Center’s criteria.


The resulting SPF roofing system eliminated all sources of leaks, including thousands of feet of seams in the old roofing system that had become problematic and added value to the building by increasing overall roof insulation. Work was performed on-time, on-budget and with little to no interference with the hospital’s operation.


All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their useful service life and when they do, the effort, expense and hassle of continuing maintenance can far exceed the cost of roof replacement. Roof replacement can also be expensive, but the RainShield® Seamless Roofing Systems provide building owners a cost-effective alternative. With over 70 years of proven success, RainShield roofing systems can cost less than half that of a BUR, TPO or PVC replacement and are available with an Unconditional Guarantee not to leak for up to 30 years. For more information on this project or RainShield Seamless Roofing Systems, contact Highland Commercial Roofing at 1-800-920-3659.