Step By Step Procedures


The success of RainShield® Roofing Systems comes from the extra attention paid to important roof details; pipes, vents, equipment platforms, skylight curbs and other roof penetrations are permanently sealed before RainShield® Roofing System installation.

Roof drains and scuppers are cleaned, then reinforced and sealed with flexible waterproof RainShield® flashing compound.  RainShield® flashing compound indefinitely maintains flexibility, adhesion and waterproofing in critical roof areas.


Preparation under HVAC and other roof top equipment requires special measures to insure system integration and lasting waterproofing.  Pre-manufactured RainShield® roof-membranes are installed underneath equipment and are later seamlessly tied into the new roofing System.

Prior to RainShield® System application, care is exercised to protect skylights, roof top equipment and other sensitive areas on or adjacent to the roof.  Technicians carefully cover such items to shield and insure safety during system application.


Odorless RainShield® waterproofing grade asphalt is applied at ambient temperature.  Cool and safe application temperatures increase applicators ability to pay close attention to critical roof details, ultimately increasing the quality of RainShield® roofing systems and preventing future leaks. RainShield’s® High-performance polyester reinforcement is imbedded into waterproofing grade asphalt and worked into place to ensure full adhesion. Progressive overlapping layers of reinforcement and a seamless roof membrane with superior waterproofing and system strength.


RainShield® white “Cool-Roof” surfacing shields the system from damaging Ultra Violet radiation, and reduces heat transfer from the roof into the building.  The “Cool-Roof” effect can reduce maximum roof temperatures by 60 degrees; adding years to roofing system life expectancy and cutting HVAC operation costs.

Odd shaped penetrations and pitch pans are incorporated fully into the RainShield® Roofing System, eliminating shrinking, cracking and maintenance issues.  All RainShield® Roofing Systems are Guaranteed to be watertight and guaranteed not to leak… Unconditionally!