Single-Ply – PVC & TPO Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic single ply membranes have taken the commercial and industrial roofing industry by storm. They represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. new construction roofing market over the past seven years.

The PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) product is a reinforced membrane with tough hot-air welded seams. This material has excellent durability and dimensional stability and is the category leader for dependability and longevity. Since the 1960s PVC has an unblemished history of commercial roofing performance.

The TPO (thermoplastic-polyolefin) is relatively new to the single ply category; wide spread distribution and application started in the mid 1990s.  TPO combines the hot-air welding benefit of PVC with the promise of greater flexibility and weatherability benefits.  While TPO has good testing results, field performance results are varied and manufacturer formulation changes have been frequent and on going.  TPO has become the roof of choice for new construction in the southwest due more to benefits in pricing than proven performance.

Highland Commercial Roofing is proud to offer these technically advanced roofing systems to building owners, where the application is warranted.


  • Resistant to tearing, impact punctures, and chemicals
  • Highly reflective, California Title-24 Compliant
  • Green Building Counsel approved for LEED points
  • Energy Star rated to decrease HVAC cooling costs
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to install
  • Minimizes interruption to the building occupants