For the 4th year in a row, Highland Commercial Roofing, a roofing specialist with over 25 years’ expertise in the trade, announces that they have been awarded the GuildQuality GuildMaster Award for 2019.

The GuildMaster Awards are offered each year to construction companies who demonstrate excellence in customer care and specialist services. GuildQuality has recognized Highland Commercial Roofing for their continuing commitment to exceptional service and standards. Adam Herring, Senior Project Manager of the firm, is honored that the company has been awarded for its impeccable standards.

“Winning the award is very satisfying because it proves we have responded to our customer’s comments accordingly and deliver exceptional service,” Adam explains.

GuildQuality is a public service which advises visitor on firm ratings and feedback. Therefore, potential clients can learn what to expect from individual contractors, and how they handle customer queries. It is a public forum where firms such as Highland Commercial Roofing can be reviewed and surveyed.

Adam further emphasizes that GuildQuality is an asset to both the company’s running and the satisfaction of their customers.  “GuildQuality is an indispensable tool that allows us to create the all-important feedback loop from our customers. Our customers’ comments give us the advice necessary to improve continually.”

It is important to Highland Commercial Roofing that their customers’ queries are handled with care and efficiency.

Winning 2019’s GuildMaster Award will offer potential new clients further confidence in the firm. So, too, will it help customers in making confident choices in an industry which can be hard to navigate.

“The roofing industry is very intricate, with many unscrupulous roofing contractors and pitfalls to avoid,” Adam confirms.

“Working with a company that has achieved the GuildMaster Award gives the customer confidence.”

Having previously been recognized as industry leaders and having won several service awards, the 2019 GuildMaster mark of approval is the latest achievement Highland Commercial Roofing can be proud to display.

Highland Commercial Roofing’s team are industry-leading roofing specialists.