Aerial view of a large, illuminated apartment building surrounded by autumn trees in a residential neighborhood at dusk.

Multi-Family Residential

Apartment, Condominium, Independent living communities

High-quality roofing solutions that fit your budget and keep your tenants happy

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Highland Commercial Roofing, with extensive multi-family roofing experience, ensures careful handling of residential reroofing, prioritizing residents’ well-being. Our skilled team excels in seamless project coordination, minimal disruptions, and top-notch customer service, guiding material selection and ensuring safety. We offer customized, cost-effective roofing solutions without compromising quality, backed by a history of successful projects and satisfied clients. When you partner with Highland, you’re guaranteed to receive excellent and professional multi-family facility reroofing.

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Aerial view of a large industrial complex with multiple white-roofed buildings. Cityscape and skyscrapers are visible in the background under a clear sky.
Arville Industrial Properties
17,000 SQFT
A vast flat industrial roof with multiple skylights and rooftop units extends towards the horizon under a clear sky.
A.W. Industrial Distribution Center
153,800 SQFT
A city skyline at dusk with high-rise buildings in the background and a large industrial area with warehouses, trucks, and parked vehicles in the foreground.
LA Wholesale Produce
448,000 SQFT
A modern glass office building with reflective blue windows, surrounded by palm and other trees, under a partly cloudy sky.
Phoenix Gateway Center
49,000 SQFT
Workers are on the rooftop of a building, performing maintenance or repair tasks amidst various equipment and trees in the background.
Trojan Battery Company
160,000 SQFT