Phoenix Gateway Center

Two tall, modern glass buildings with blue reflective surfaces stand behind a row of palm trees and greenery, against a partly cloudy sky. A logo on the right building reads "CBRE.


Phoenix, Arizona
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Project Summary

The center’s 20-year old roof system had been leaking for years. Complicating matters, the facility hosts two satellite dishes for a local television station and an airline, so downtime was not an option. Fortunately, our RainShield® system allowed us the flexibility to access rooftop surfaces via freight elevators and to set up a central staging area on the roof to eliminate all risk of tenant disruption or facility downtime.
The Gateway Center turned to Highland Commercial Roofing to apply our RainShield® seamless single-ply roofing system over their existing EPDM roof. The RainShield® system, reinforced with a super tough polyester mat, uses superior waterproofing grade asphalts and highly reflective elastomeric acrylic surfacing to create a seamless, waterproof, highly reflective membrane that provides a permanent, seamless, high-performance roofing system guaranteed not to leak… ever!
Existing roof included several miles of seams, all of which were eliminated by the installation of the RainShield® roof system, with the added benefit of forming a reflective Cool-Roof surface, which lowered the Gateway Center’s utility bills considerably and qualified them for new tax benefits and rebates. The entire project was accomplished in just 30 days, with no disruption of the tenants’ business activities.

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