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Asset Assessment & Budgeting

Avoid Surprise Expenses And Plan For Future Repairs With A Multi-year Budget And Accrual Roadmap From Highland.

Accurately Project Future Costs For Your Roofing System

Surprise roof repairs can harm profits and cash flow. Highland can ease future roofing expenses by creating a tailored multi-year budget and accrual plan, following an assessment of your current roof asset. We’ll furnish an accurate roadmap including:

  • Estimated service life remaining for your current roofing system
  • Recommended maintenance schedule to prolong assets 
  • Approximate timelines for potential future repairs
  • Estimated costs for each line item
  • Suggested accrual schedule

This approach ensures you’re aware of the precise amount you should set aside to proactively cover future roofing investments. When combined with a preventative maintenance plan, this roadmap can considerably extend your roof’s lifespan, reduce overall expenses and enhance your facility maintenance budget projections.

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Commercial Roofing
Guaranteed Not to Leak…Ever

When you partner with Highland, you get added peace of mind from the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee.

Strategic Planning

Asset assessment guides long-term maintenance plans and budgets.

Technology Integration

Advanced tech provides real-time data for informed decision-making.

Lifecycle Cost

Budgets consider total ownership costs, including maintenance and upgrades.