An aerial view of a large, illuminated industrial building at dusk, surrounded by parking lots and other structures under a cloudy sky.

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Roofing industrial facilities carries significant risks, including equipment, merchandise, and production losses, as well as safety concerns. These roofs often bear heavy equipment and foot traffic and may be exposed to harsh conditions. Strict adherence to safety and OSHA standards is paramount. Highland Commercial Roofing’s experienced teams excel in precise coordination, ensuring on-time, high-quality project completion. We work closely with your team to prioritize safety and minimize disruption, allowing your facility to maintain full functionality and productivity.

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Aerial view of a large industrial complex with multiple white-roofed buildings. Cityscape and skyscrapers are visible in the background under a clear sky.
Arville Industrial Properties
17,000 SQFT
A vast flat industrial roof with multiple skylights and rooftop units extends towards the horizon under a clear sky.
A.W. Industrial Distribution Center
153,800 SQFT
A city skyline at dusk with high-rise buildings in the background and a large industrial area with warehouses, trucks, and parked vehicles in the foreground.
LA Wholesale Produce
448,000 SQFT
A modern glass office building with reflective blue windows, surrounded by palm and other trees, under a partly cloudy sky.
Phoenix Gateway Center
49,000 SQFT
Workers are on the rooftop of a building, performing maintenance or repair tasks amidst various equipment and trees in the background.
Trojan Battery Company
160,000 SQFT