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Preventative Maintenance Programs

Extend The Life Of Your Roof, Prevent Emergencies And Protect Your Business With Regularly Scheduled Maintenance From Highland Commercial Roofing.

Prevent Costly Repairs With Regular Maintenance

Annual roof inspections are crucial for prudent building owners and managers, as maintenance costs are often the second-largest expense after utilities. Neglecting roof maintenance until symptoms of system failure emerge can lead to limited and costly options, such as roof replacement. A yearly roof inspection provides an accurate assessment of the current roof conditions, a maintenance roadmap to extend the roofing system’s life, and a financial plan for future roof replacement projects. It also serves as low-cost insurance against water intrusion and safeguards against hastily planned, expensive roof replacements. For roofs over five years old, annual professional inspections are a practical necessity to protect your asset’s longevity.

Schedule an Inspection
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Commercial Roofing
Guaranteed Not to Leak…Ever

When you partner with Highland, you get added peace of mind from the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee.

Extended Roof Lifespan

Regular maintenance extends a commercial roof's life, preventing small issues from becoming major, costly problems. Annual inspections, especially for roofs over five years old, are crucial for assessing conditions and planning maintenance.

Cost Savings

Proactive maintenance saves on repair costs compared to reactive maintenance. Annual inspections help plan and budget for future roof replacements, serving as low-cost insurance against major repairs, the second-largest expense after utilities.

Leak Prevention

Roof leaks cause 40% of commercial property damage claims. Regular maintenance identifies leaks early, preventing costly repairs. Annual inspections safeguard against water intrusion and unplanned, expensive roof replacements.