LA Wholesale Produce Market /
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Los Angeles, California
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Spanning over 25 acres in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the L.A. Wholesale Produce Market operates around the clock, seven days a week, generating over a billion dollars in annual revenue. The challenge lay in swiftly reroofing the market without disrupting the operations of hundreds of businesses within its confines. Despite its vast size, the available space for project staging was severely limited. Moreover, due to the market's role in handling food, any odors or smells emanating from the roofing process could potentially contaminate the millions of pounds of fruits and vegetables that pass through the site daily.
After a thorough 2-1/2 year evaluation of all available roofing systems and contractors, the L.A. Wholesale Produce Market selected Highland Commercial Roofing for their project. Key factors in their decision included Highland's odorless RainShield® seamless single-ply roofing system, which could be installed over their existing asphalt BUR system, and the RainShield 20-year guarantee against leaks.
The project was completed in just 65 days, thanks to the seamless RainShield® roofing system, which eliminated hundreds of miles of roofing seams and reduced peak roof temperatures by over 60 degrees with its white reflective Title-24 Cool-Roof surfacing. This will result in lower utility bills and reduced wear and tear on freezer and chiller equipment for LA Produce Market tenants, in addition to the benefits of a leak-proof roofing system that will last for over 20 years.

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