We Are Committed to Being the Best

At Highland, a culture of integrity, service, and a strong sense of accomplishment is carefully nurtured. The company’s approach to hiring revolves around seeking out individuals with high-
character and a profound commitment to their respective fields.

Highland executives excel in delivering exceptional support, resources, and autonomy to empower the Highland Team. They foster and champion peak performance, ensuring unparalleled service for our devoted customers. The Highland team radiates enthusiasm and wholeheartedly endeavors to establish themselves as unmatched leaders in the industry.

Brett Maurer

Chairman of the Board

Rick Cunningham

Executive Chairman of the Board

Rob Keen

CEO, President

Michael King

Executive Vice President of Sales

Scott DeLine

Executive Vice President of Operations

Greg Pender

Regional Vice President, Arizona

Todd Bender

Regional Vice President, Northern California

Kris Watson

Regional Vice President, Nevada

Chris Hinck

Vice President of Operations, Southern California