Arville Industrial Properties


Las Vegas, Nevada
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Project Summary

Arville entrusted Highland to replace the existing roofing systems on three interconnected buildings, totaling 17,000 square feet. This was a complex project that presented significant challenges, including the fact that all three buildings were fully occupied by multiple tenants.
Highland replaced the existing roofing systems with standing “C” roofs, chosen for their durability, water-shedding capability, and sleek aesthetic. We also enhanced energy efficiency through reflective roofing material and improved interior lighting by upgrading skylights. All work was done with the utmost attention to safety, including the use of OSHA-compliant fall protection bars during skylight replacement.
Through meticulous planning and execution, Highland completed the project without interrupting the daily operations of the fully-occupied multi-tenant buildings. The new reflective roof surface contributes to lower air conditioning costs by reflecting a significant amount of solar heat, keeping interior temperatures cooler. Additionally, the upgraded skylights not only comply with safety regulations but also create a brighter and more inviting indoor environment.

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