Why should you care what your commercial roof is made of? That’s easy—you didn’t build a successful business without caring about the details. But it’s understandable that time is in short supply when you’re running a business. Briefly, here’s why you should consider Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) for your commercial roof.

SPF is Waterproof

One of the greatest advantages of SPF over other roofing materials is that it’s applied as a liquid. A professional installer simply sprays it over the existing structure of your roof and gravity does a lot of the work, filling in the gaps and crevices naturally. And because SPF will expand or contract with the weather, it will remain as a seamless layer, keeping the weather out and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Polyurethane Foam is a Natural Insulator

It’s a constant struggle keeping your building’s temperature regulated. And a shoddy roof can exasperate that problem. Fortunately, SPF is a natural insulator. It’ll keep cold air inside in the summer months and keep cold air out in the winter. One of the primary culprits in the loss of cold and warm air is a poorly maintained or improperly installed roof. Think of when you go out in the cold without a hat—or a hat that doesn’t quite fit. Now think of what that loss of insulated air can do to your utility bills as well as the unneeded stress it can cause to your HVAC system!

A Roof Made with SPF is Environmentally-Conscious

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is a sustainable and environmentally-conscious product. Sprayed foam is essentially just plastic with millions of tiny air bubbles. The substance is formulated specifically for roofing application but the material itself is no different from a recyclable water bottle. Not only that, it saves energy due to how simple it is—the substance is usually mixed on-site and applied that same day. And it has an inherently low carbon footprint because it doesn’t need to be torn off when it’s ready to be replaced. Your professional commercial roofer will simply spray over top the existing material. No one will need to tear off your roof and throw the material into a landfill.

Easy Installation Means Little Downtime

Your business is what matters to you most. Be it a commercial retail property or a tenant-occupied building, you can’t have any downtime just because you need a new roof. Luckily, SPF is easy to apply. A professional commercial roofing company can simply spray the material over your existing roof. No matter how many nooks and crannies your roof might have; gravity does much of the work. Because SPF installation is so uncomplicated, it means your building will be back in business with minimal delay.

An SPF Roof Can Last as Long as Your Building

Sprayed Polyurethane is so durable and seamless that, with annual maintenance and periodic touch ups, the roof can last 50 years or more. Not many other roofing materials can make that claim. In fact, SPF roofing has been in practice since the 1960s. Many of those buildings are still standing, with their SPF roofs intact! As the owner of a commercial property—you’d be hard-pressed to find many other building materials with that kind of longevity!

Rainshield Systems Offer The Best Solutions When Considering SPF

Originally developed in the early 1940s, these systems were first used extensively on military installations. They were preferred over other systems because of longer life cycles, greater installation safety in high pedestrian traffic areas, cost effectiveness, renewability, and ease of maintenance. Acclaim for the system spread rapidly throughout the building and real estate industries and by the 1960s RainShield® systems had been adopted as the roofing system of choice for most public school districts in the southwest. RainShield® is still to this day the most widely used roofing system for schools, is still specified for work on military bases, and is well established as one of the top roofing system choices for commercial building owners and property managers.

RainShield® Systems are best described as a hybrid of single-ply and built-up roofing systems. RainShield® takes the best from both to provide a superior, long lasting, sustainable roofing system that building owners and property managers can specify and install with the confidence of 70 years of successful system performance. Every roofing system has three basic components: Waterproofing, Reinforcement, and Reflectivity. The combined performance of these components dictates reliability and longevity for any roofing system. RainShield® Systems employ the highest performing products in each category to provide the lightest weight, most durable, and longest lasting commercial roofing systems available.

Sprayed Polyurethane is Inexpensive and Continues to Save You Money

It’s a no-brainer; sprayed polyurethane foam roofs, when installed by a professional commercial roofing company, outlast most of the other roofing materials used in commercial construction. Not only that, installation is seamless and innately waterproof. Because the foam is sprayed on, it conforms to the unique topography of your roof and re-application is just as simple. The material is durable, safe, environmentally-friendly, and won’t be torn off and thrown away when it needs to be replaced.

Not every decision you make as a business owner is as easy as choosing an SPF roof. So take advantage! With a professional installation, your SPF roof will last you decades. Of course, Sprayed Polyurethane won’t apply itself—make sure you seek the services of a knowledgeable professional commercial roofing company. Their years of experience is what will make SPF truly work its magic, giving you a roof that’ll last you for decades.