In the construction world, customer service is not just pleasantry, it’s necessary. Even one bad experience can break a company through word of mouth. It goes without saying that Highland Commercial Roofing strives for a positive customer experience every single time. But we don’t just settle for “good”, we only accept great and outstanding. And because of this, we’ve been awarded the prestigious Guild Master Award for our efforts.


To be a Guild Master, You Need to Leave a Lasting Impression

Customer service excellence in the roofing industry takes a lot of hard work. You’ve got many moving parts to take care of and every detail matters. Just like with roofing, exceptional customer service is accomplished as a team effort, and it takes the hard work and diligence of every single person.

Guild Quality noticed our hard work, and that’s why we were awarded the Guild Quality Guildmaster Award multiple times. In order to qualify, we needed to achieve a recommendation rating of 90% or higher. The industry standard is only 70%, so we had our work cut out for us. In the roofing world, it’s not just the first impression that matters. You need to be professional, knowledgeable, and accessible even after the job’s done. In order to leave a lasting impression, you need to be more than just a roofer. We love to leave our customers knowing we’ve made a connection. And we’ll always make sure you know that you can reach out any time.

Customer-Engagement is the Only Way to Customer-Retention

Part of any successful business is customer retention. Highland Commercial Roofing didn’t get where it is without building and sustaining relationships with its customers. And a major component of that is customer engagement. We don’t just want to be your roofer—we want to be there when you have questions, and we want to continue to work with you.

Guild Quality recognizes this. We’ve all ignored surveys before. Especially when they come from a business that didn’t really strive to inspire you. To win the Guild Master Award, you need to have customers that give you feedback. And that’s not a bad thing—if you’re sending out customer surveys and no one’s feeling motivated enough to respond, then maybe you’re not making enough of an impact. Guild Quality measures the level of customer feedback you receive. They take your customer feedback data and measure it in order to determine if you’re truly engaging with your customers. In order to win their award, you need to have a high level of customer interaction that you sustain year after year.

A Guild Master is a Public Figure in the Industry

To become a Guild Master, you need to be active in the industry. While roofing is an age-old art, it’s always evolving. And being an engaged member of the industry is the only way to stay on top. Highland Commercial Roofing is always looking to innovate while using its extensive knowledge to remain the experienced and dependable company it worked so hard to become. We’ve pledged to always be a Guildmember and to remain plugged into the roofing community at large. We’re a leader in commercial roofing for a reason—we’ve never stopped and we never plan to.

Most importantly, we’re confident enough in our high standards to be a public figure in the industry. And part of being a Guild Master is opening your company up to public feedback. For a period of 60 days following your application as a Guild Master, your application is posted for public review. That means that any of your previous customers can give their input, even if you hadn’t sent them a survey. At Highland Commercial Roofing, we welcome the transparency and we stand by our high standards.

We’re a Master of Our Craft and It Shows

We take a lot of pride in our Guild Master Award. It’s a culmination of a lifetime of hard work. And the journey that brought us there just so happens to have made us experts in our field. Commercial roofing is no cake-walk. It takes patience, plenty of knowledge, and great customer service. And becoming an expert comes with plenty of challenges. We didn’t get where we are without learning from our experiences.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to offer up our knowledge. At the end of the day, we want to be the best we can be for you, the customer. And most of all, we want to make sure you can depend on us so that we can continue to work with you. After all, we couldn’t be masters of our craft without you.