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Highland Commercial Roofing was established in 1991 and since then our goal has always been to set a new standard for clients’ experience based on a constant commitment to excellence in service and quality.

We are a full-scale commercial roofing contractor specializing in roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, office or multi-family building owners throughout the Pacific Northwest region with an emphasis on Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. We provide the most accurate roof solutions for your buildings using first-class materials and the best craftsmanship.

Client’s Experience is What Matters Most

Your experience with our company at every stage of roofing process is very important – from initial contact to project completion. Naturally it is important to complete your commercial roofing project on time and on budget, but more than that we strive to make this whole endeavor smooth and hassle-free for our customers. As our client you should be informed and involved in the commercial roofing project from the beginning, and with our faithful employees, multiple offices locations, and top-notch technology – at Highland Commercial Roofing.

 “Cool-Roof” Systems

We also specialize in installing and maintaining seamless, energy-efficient “Cool-Roof” flat roof and white roof systems, and design, install and service commercial photovoltaic solar power systems.

“Cool roof” products were manufactured by architects to save energy, fit building codes and meet clients’ expectations for comfort, cost and eloquent design. It is easy to see why this new type of roofing system was called “cool roof.” Its white color was its key advantage over the common black tar roof which absorbed the heat from the sun. The white color did just the opposite. It reflected the heat from the sun, keeping the entire building much cooler. Cool roofs can be chosen from a wide variety of materials and colors and applied to practically any building or roof slope. It is clear that the extent of the benefits will depend on the building’s location, type and use, as well as on the certain radiant properties of the selected roofing product. The evident advantage, however, is the broad range of locations in which cool roofs are proving to be a practical energy efficiency means. “Cool roofs” are roofing systems that incorporate materials with greater spectral reflectance than their customary, non-cool counterparts, and consequently minimize the transfer of heat to the building below.

If you are a business owner whose building still has a traditional hot tar roof, take full advantage of the performance, quality, and value that “cool roof” systems can provide. Make sure your roof always functions properly and hire the commercial roofing installation and repair specialist if it doesn’t. Our technicians at Highland Commercial Roofing possess the necessary skills and expertise to undertake your next roofing project.  Contact our company today!

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