Roof Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance costs are usually the second largest single expense component for buildings… right behind utility costs. A prudent building owner, manager or engineer, wouldn’t think of going more than six months without servicing an HVAC system or having elevators or boilers serviced. That said, it’s surprising how many building professionals completely ignore one of the biggest building wear items until symptoms of system failure have been reported. If your first roof inspection is in response to a tenant or employee complaints about roof leaks, your options are likely to be limited and costly. Roof replacement is never inexpensive and when the expense is unexpected, it can have a devastating effect on your operating budget.

A yearly roof inspection gives prudent building managers and owners an accurate assessment of the current roof conditions, a road map for needed maintenance and repairs to preserve or extend the life of the existing roofing system, and a valuable financial plan to help accurately prepare and time future roof replacement projects… on budget and on your own schedule.

Annual roof inspections also provide low-cost insurance against the unforeseen expense of water intrusion that may cause damage to a building’s structure or contents. It’s also a great hedge against potentially expensive roof replacement costs associated with a hastily planned project. Practical building management dictates that if your roof is more than five years old, you should have a professional roof inspection every year to assess and preserve the health of your asset.