Commercial Roofing Contractor Las Vegas, Nevada

As Nevada businesses know all too well, solar ultraviolet rays and daily temperature extremes pose a problem for owners and managers of Sunbelt buildings. Look to Highland Commercial Roofing for the solutions you need. We provide commercial, industrial, office or multi-family building owners with a wide variety of quality roofing solutions, from new construction to retrofits, plus maintenance and consulting services. We also specialize in installing and maintaining seamless, energy-efficient “Cool-Roof” flat roof and white roof systems, and design, install and service commercial photovoltaic solar power systems.

Before you face massive roof damage, start looking for a commercial roofing contractor. Though a lot of facility managers are busy with everyday operations and finding a professional commercial roofing contractor isn’t their priority. Finding a good contractor can truly become confusing, if you aren’t familiar with commercial roofing issues.

For over 20 years high quality roofing systems have been installed at Highland Commercial Roofing. We specifically focus on roofing systems for commercial, industrial, office and multi-family properties. However, what truly distinguishes us from all the rest is our dedication to excellence and our professional staff.

Highland Commercial Roofing specializes in single-ply (Flat Roof) roof systems (EPDM, TPO, and PVC) together with steep slope metal roofing. We combine our old world traditions with present top-notch technologies to provide our clients with the best roof systems.

Why prefer Highland Commercial Roofing for your commercial roofing needs? Along with the flat roof systems, we offer a “cool-roof” system which is our forte. We also possess the knowledge and experience to fix or replace any kinds of roof systems. Our skilled and trained workers will do everything to maintain your roof and prolong its life through regular maintenance.

We pride ourselves on presenting every customer with a first-rate service, being a prominent industrial and commercial roofing company. This means Highland Commercial Roofing is perfectly situated in the Southeast to deliver roofing services of any kind and the company you can rely on for all your roofing installation and maintenance needs in the future.

Highland Commercial Roofing offers a high-quality, professional, and reasonably-priced roofing service, from the initial consultation to completion and handover.

We’ll ensure your building stays operational during repairs, will minimize disruption, and reduce costs due to our vast experience in the industry. All of this is handled by qualified specialists who are passionate about doing an exceptional job every time.

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